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Choosing a Cell Phone Tips

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Are waterproof cell phones really waterproof?

Are Waterproof Cell Phones Really Waterproof?

Many cell phone makers offer waterproof phones. In 2005, LG Telecom made headlines with the canU 502S waterproof cell phone. This LG cell phone is a good example of how a waterproof cell phone should be built. It has rubber seals in the vulnerable parts of the cell phone's construction, including the speaker and camera sections.

The waterproof LG cell phone isn't completely watertight, though. This particular model's specs claim it can survive a half an hour under water, but the manufacturers won't promise anything beyond that 30 minutes. A truly waterproof cell phone may exist somewhere, but always read the owner's manual carefully. You may discover that while your waterproof phone is impervious to most of the splashing or dunking hazards you encounter, there is probably a limit to what (or how long) the phone can endure.

What cell phones are good for multimedia?

What Cell Phones are Good for Music and Movies?

Looking for a cell phone that can play your MP3s and downloaded media files? Good cell phone review sites rate cell phones not just according to their telephone features, but also according to how they live up to the hype connected to music and movie playback.

Many cell phones claim to be great for multimedia, but not so many have the storage to live up to those claims. How to choose a cell phone that gives you what you need? Check out cell phone review sites at places like for cell phone ratings on media storage capacity, accessories you'll need such as a one-gigabyte flash card for camera phone picture storage and MP3s.

You should also invest in a USB cable or a card reader for quick and easy transfer from LG cell phones (or your preferred brand) to more permanent storage on your computer's hard drive.

What is a rugged cell phone made of?

What is a Rugged Cell Phone Made of?

Many people wonder what makes rugged phones so different than their "ordinary" counterparts. Cell phone makers don't explain much when it comes to construction, but they are very proud of the stress testing done to rugged cell phones. One model by Verizon was stress tested in the equivalent of two inches of rainfall an hour in a high winds, dunked in a meter of water, and endured nearly 100 percent humidity.

Rugged phones are built to withstand these conditions, plus falls and extreme heat. Because of that endurance cell phone reviews say the phones are perfect for military members, extreme sports enthusiasts and construction workers.

One common mistake newcomers to rugged phones make? Ignoring those optional cell phone insurance plans. People who think purchasing the rugged phone is insurance enough should think about the other dangers in the environments they work and play in. Can any cell phone withstand being dropped from the side of a construction project, ski slope or cliff? There are too many scenarios to name. If you need a rugged cell phone, anticipate the extremes and prepare for the worst.

What is the best cell phone for rural areas with spotty reception?

What is the Best Cell Phone for Rural Areas?

When you're comparing cell phones, consider the quality of reception in your living area. Are you in a rural area with good reception? Do you live far away from a cell tower and have problems keeping a signal? If you have frequent dropped calls, consider a cell phone with an external antenna for your next purchase.

Cell phones with smaller internal antennas work fine when the signal is good, but the best cell phone for poor reception ares is one with the external antenna. The bottom line is simple science. The larger the antenna, the better the reception.

Can I get a cell phone from an online store delivered next-day?

Choosing A Phone Online

Cell phones are instant gratification purchases. You buy the cell phone, sign up for the wireless plan of your choice, and walk out of the store able to use most or all features of your new phone right away. But what happens when you buy a cell phone online?

For most customers using major cell phone service web sites, there are options for next-day delivery depending on the vendor. The caveat here is that unless you sign up for a plan or enter your current subscriber information, the phone will not be "call ready". If you are an existing subscriber, log in to your account before purchasing to pick your options for activating service on the new cell phone.

If you are a new customer, be sure to choose a calling plan and sign up for service at the same time you purchase the new cell phone. You may be eligible for discounts, reduced rate cell phone plans, or other perks because of your new account status. If you aren't comfortable buying a product without being able to hold it in your hand, it's best to browse an online cell phone catalog, then use a Verizon store locator or other supplier and buy the phone in person.

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