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What is a Rugged Cell Phone Made of?

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What is a rugged cell phone made of?

What is a Rugged Cell Phone Made of?

Many people wonder what makes rugged phones so different than their "ordinary" counterparts. Cell phone makers don't explain much when it comes to construction, but they are very proud of the stress testing done to rugged cell phones. One model by Verizon was stress tested in the equivalent of two inches of rainfall an hour in a high winds, dunked in a meter of water, and endured nearly 100 percent humidity.

Rugged phones are built to withstand these conditions, plus falls and extreme heat. Because of that endurance cell phone reviews say the phones are perfect for military members, extreme sports enthusiasts and construction workers.

One common mistake newcomers to rugged phones make? Ignoring those optional cell phone insurance plans. People who think purchasing the rugged phone is insurance enough should think about the other dangers in the environments they work and play in. Can any cell phone withstand being dropped from the side of a construction project, ski slope or cliff? There are too many scenarios to name. If you need a rugged cell phone, anticipate the extremes and prepare for the worst.



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