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Verizon Cell Phone Information Tips

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What is the America's Choice Family Share plan?

Verizon Wireless Amber Alerts

Verizon Wireless stayed connected after Florida hurricanes and is offering Katrina survivors temporary Katrina Lifeline services.

Verizon Wireless also helps missing kids: If you opt to receive Amber Alerts, Verizon text messages you when a child is abducted.

Social responsibility doesn't hurt a company's chances when you're choosing a wireless service provider.

What is the America's Choice plan by Verizon?

We Never Stop Working

Looking for Verizon cell phone information? The Verizon Wireless America's Choice plans include national coverage for individuals. With a Verizon cell phone, plans begin around $39.99 per month for 450 anytime minutes with unlimited night & weekend minutes.

For those who require Verizon Wireless plans with numerous minutes, the America's Choice plan provides up to 6000 anytime minutes for $299.99 with unlimited night & weekend minutes as well.

Additional minutes vary by plan and cost between 20-45 cents per minute and there are no roaming charges. The contract is for one year, with a $35 activation fee, and $175 early termination fee. Plans include unlimited IN calling, voice mail, caller id, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, 411 connect, and no answer/busy transfer.

You have to be amused by a cell phone company that gives its employees faces, and cheerfully lets them bad-mouth the job. It's more believable than Paris Hilton eating Carl's Jr hamburgers.

What is the Verizon Worry Free Guarantee?

Worrying Over Verizon's Worry Free Guarantee

Don't like that hot new Verizon Wireless promotion or broadband service? With the Verizon Wireless Worry Free Guarantee plan customers are allowed to change plans at any time without any additional fees. Part of the guarantee is that Verizon will handle any customer problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Plus, any Verizon cell phone equipment purchased from Verizon comes with a 15 day satisfaction guarantee if the phone is bought directly from Verizon. If you're not happy with the phone, you can return it for a full refund less minutes used. Lastly, the worry free guarantee includes the New Every Two plan to provide you with updated technology when you need it. So says the Web site.

How effective is the Worry Free Guarantee? While T Mobile takes top honors in customer service, Verizon is second, with Nextel at the bottom. Sprint's guarantees got a D- from USA Today.

How does Verizon TXT Messaging work?

VText: R U Good?

Do you VText? VerizonWireless offers TXT Messaging on any Verizon cell phone on a per- use basis and even has its own Web site, You can text on your phone or on the Internet if you want to text up to 10 friends.

All that talk and "He's a Q T" may cost you, but you can buy text messaging bundles or Pay As You Go (10 cents a message.) You can sign up for the Internet service and the text messaging on your Verizon cell phone.

Make those 160 characters count--don't just say "that wuz cool." Write a poem, say "I love you," or compose a letter. Make the most of your texting.

What kinds of phones does Verizon Wireless have to offer?

Verizon Cell Phone: One Bill To Rule Them

Wish you could pay your Verizon Wireless cell phone, Internet and home phone bill all at once? Verizon's OneBill consolidates all your phone charges.

With Verizon Wireless, as with other cell phone providers, you can view and pay your bill online, which is convenient and cuts down on paper that you have to shred. You can sign up online.

You might think one electronic bill won't let you see how much you're paying for cell phone usage. You can actually check your minutes from your cell phone by calling the Verizon Interactive Voice Response System. It's not as convenient as TracFone, but if you're choosing Verizon, it's a decent paperless alternative.

What is the Verizon New Every Two plan?

Verizon's New Every Two Plan

Cell phones. You get one and then it's outdated. You can't get a new replacement for free, can you?

Actually, Verizon Wireless touts its new Every Two cell phone feature. All Verizon Wireless cell phone customers automatically receive enrollment in the New Every Two plan. But hold on--you're not automatically getting free cell phones!

The New Every Two plan provides Verizon Wireless customers with a $100 credit towards a new phone every 24 months with a renewed contract of 2 years on a calling plan with a monthly rate of $34.99 or higher. You can either receive a free Verizon cell phone valued up to $100 or they can apply the credit towards the purchase of a new Verizon Wireless phone--but you have six months to decide or you pay full retail price.

If you trade in your phone before the two years are up and want a new Verizon Wireless cell phone, you'll have to wait--New Every Two users have to have the same phone for 24 months.

The new Every Two plan is a good deal, but it pays to read the fine print when you get a Verizon Wireless cell phone.

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