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Verizon's New Every Two Plan

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What is the Verizon New Every Two plan?

Verizon's New Every Two Plan

Cell phones. You get one and then it's outdated. You can't get a new replacement for free, can you?

Actually, Verizon Wireless touts its new Every Two cell phone feature. All Verizon Wireless cell phone customers automatically receive enrollment in the New Every Two plan. But hold on--you're not automatically getting free cell phones!

The New Every Two plan provides Verizon Wireless customers with a $100 credit towards a new phone every 24 months with a renewed contract of 2 years on a calling plan with a monthly rate of $34.99 or higher. You can either receive a free Verizon cell phone valued up to $100 or they can apply the credit towards the purchase of a new Verizon Wireless phone--but you have six months to decide or you pay full retail price.

If you trade in your phone before the two years are up and want a new Verizon Wireless cell phone, you'll have to wait--New Every Two users have to have the same phone for 24 months.

The new Every Two plan is a good deal, but it pays to read the fine print when you get a Verizon Wireless cell phone.



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