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Cell Phone Accessories Tips

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How can I size up a cell phone holder for my car?

Car Cell Phone Holders

If you are about to buy a car cell phone holder, have a good look at your dash and the surrounding area while sitting in the driver's seat. The best place for a cell phone holder in your car is where your hand will naturally find the cell phone without straining, and preferably without having to take your eyes off the road.

A good way to find the most handy spot for your cell phone holder is to close your eyes, and reach out to answer an imaginary cell phone call from the spot you think the cell phone holder might go. Do you have to strain to reach it? Or does your hand find the spot quickly? The next step will be having a look at the amount of free space on the dash in your selected area, and shopping for cell phone accessories that can be mounted in that area.

You may find that some models of cell phone holders or mountable cell phone cases may not have a mount small enough for that section of dashboard. Measure the free space before you buy and compare it to the size of the mount for best results.

Can I get discounts on bluetooth accessories with a new cell phone?

Do You Need Bluetooth?

If you need to go hands free with Bluetooth cell phone accessories, your next cell phone purchase could help you save money. Many new cell phone deals include discounted or free cellular phone accessories.

Check your local paper, your service provider's web site and the local store for the latest specials and discounts. Do you need to add a family member to your calling plan? Cell phone accessories may be available at a discount any time you modify your calling plan or contract. Sometimes the best deals are found on the Internet, so check your service provider for cell phone accessories and related discounts first.

Are there more fashionable cell phone holsters?

Cell Phone Holsters

Cell phone accessories have gone high-concept. One Japanese-designed cell phone holster sports a high-tech chrome look that protects your phone from sticky fingers while keeping it by your side. Other manufacturers actually label their cell phone holsters "high-fashion holsters".

One company markets the Gold Series to customers who don't mind spending a bit extra on the fashion end for cell phone accessories. Still other makers are catering to sports lovers. Have you seen the NASCAR cell phone holster? These days, you don't have to settle for generic-looking cell phone holsters or other accessories.

What Can I Do About My Dead Cell Phone Battery While On The Road?

Cell Phone Charging While On The Go

If you've ever missed an important call while driving because your battery died at just the wrong time, there is a cell phone accessory made just for you. A cigarette lighter cell phone charger is a cheap cell phone accessory perfect for anyone who spends more than an hour driving per day.

You will never miss a call due to a dead battery on the road every again! Best of all, many car chargers let you talk while the phone is charging. Just put the phone in a dashboard-mounted cell phone holster and use a hands-free Bluetooth headset; you can talk and charge at the same time.

For road safety's sake, don't try to set up the charger and the hands-free unit unless the car is parked. Some state laws consider "distracted driving" to be any use of your cell phone equipment that takes your attention off the road.

How can I fix bad cell phone reception in my car?

What Can I Do About Bad Cell Phone Reception In My Car?

Do you get frequent dropped calls while driving? You might need the help of cell phone accessories such as an amplifier that increases the signals to help prevent cell phone signal loss.

These signal boosting devices are a real lifesaver when driving in large cities with spotty reception due to tall buildings that block signals from the cell phone tower. Some of these cell phone accessories come without all the items you really need to make the cell phone amplifier work both in the car and home. Be sure your kit comes with a cigarette lighter DC power supply, a window-mount antenna bracket, and an alternative power supply for in-home use should you need it.

If these are offered as separate accessories for your cell phone, you may find the convenience is worth the extra expense, especially items that help you mount the signal booster in your car.

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