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Cell Phone Charging While On The Go

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What Can I Do About My Dead Cell Phone Battery While On The Road?

Cell Phone Charging While On The Go

If you've ever missed an important call while driving because your battery died at just the wrong time, there is a cell phone accessory made just for you. A cigarette lighter cell phone charger is a cheap cell phone accessory perfect for anyone who spends more than an hour driving per day.

You will never miss a call due to a dead battery on the road every again! Best of all, many car chargers let you talk while the phone is charging. Just put the phone in a dashboard-mounted cell phone holster and use a hands-free Bluetooth headset; you can talk and charge at the same time.

For road safety's sake, don't try to set up the charger and the hands-free unit unless the car is parked. Some state laws consider "distracted driving" to be any use of your cell phone equipment that takes your attention off the road.



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