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T-Mobile Cell Phones Tips

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What downloads are available with T Mobile?

Download Fun with T Mobile

Why not have some fun using your T Mobile cell phone? T Mobile cell phones have the ability to download numerous games, ringtones, wallpapers, and other applications.

The only limit to downloading fun from T Mobile is your phone configuration. Some Blackberry or other T Mobile phone models don't download games or music easily, especially if you haven't configured your service to allow downloads. Always check your Blackberry installation, your phone options, and your service plan. Use the T Mobile Web site to update your service.

What is the T Mobile T-Zone?

T-Zoned: T Mobile Information Zone

Browsing the Internet on your phone? T Mobile offers T-Zones and T Mobile Hotspot to keep users informed. These features are available on all T Mobile cell phones. It is the interface for downloads and Internet acccess. T-Zones is a T Mobile marketplace for all downloads, and is free with T Mobile service.

If you want an Internet hub, upgrade the T-Zone service, and if you want to turn your phone into your office, T Mobile cell phones can sync with your MicrosoftExchange or Lotus Notes. Note that as of this writing, e-mail is available on Smartphones, Sidekicks, and Blackberries. But any customer can tap into a T-Zone.

What is the T Mobile Internet Unlimited plan?

T Mobile Internet Unlimited

You've heard that T Mobile cell phones have an unlimited Internet access plan. It's known as "web 'n walk." The T Mobile UK service came under fire for deceptive advertising, "the Internet wherever you are." Does that mean that you can't get the Internet in Nottingham as well as in New York?

No one can guarantee wireless Internet wherever you are, and ads are full of hyperbole. T Mobile is the first data carrier to bring the mobile Internet to Europe, and pro-T Mobile sources across the pond appreciate the wireless surfing. But if you hear a claim of "the Internet everywhere," view it with skepticism until you've actually tested it.

What is the T Mobile Basic National Plan?

Blackberry and T Mobile

Blackberry may be ripe for picking by lawyers disputing patents, but T Mobile and other cell phone providers offer service as usual. But can you buy Blackberry messaging and mail with your T Mobile cell phone?

The Minutes and mail T Mobile plans are designed for Blackberry users. If you can't get the Minutes and Mail plan, you can sign up for one of the basic plans available with T Mobile cell phones, and purchase an add-on plan for instant messages from your Blackberry.

Tip: When messaging with your Blackberry, you may find you forget to use the phone, so always opt for the lowest number of minutes available--particularly since T Mobile service can be spotty in cetain places.

Why doesT Mobile have one of the best equipment protection plans around?

T Mobile Equipment Protection Plan

Are you using T Mobile cell phones? You're out of luck if you use the prepaid or Pay As You Go plan and your cell phone gets swiped. Listen up, other T Mobile plan subscribers: You can protect your T Mobile cell phone with an equipment protection plan at a low monthly fee of only $3.99 or $5.99. The plan includes protection of T Mobile cell phones that are lost, damaged, or stolen.

You get a replacement that may have "minor cosmetic flaws" (hmmm) and are allowed two claims in a 12 month period. If you're considering this service, T Mobile advises you to sign up for it when you buy your T Mobile phone.

Few things are as annoying as a lost or stolen cell phone--unless it's knowing that you aren't eligible for insurance.

What enhanced features does T Mobile offer?

T Mobile Blackberry Surfing

If you choose Blackberry as your T Mobile phone you may note the improved connection speed from your older model.

Before T Mobile revamped the portal on T Mobile cell phones, you often got the error message "Unable to connect to the WAP gateway at the following address." Also, Web pages and game graphics sometimes proved too large for the device.

These days, T Mobile Blackberry surfers as well as Internet geeks using a regular T Mobile cell phone may note improved browsing and a portal that's more user-friendly. Whew. Now T Mobile users can keep up to date with the latest court developments in the Blackberry lawsuit.

What other wireless items does T Mobile have?

T Mobile Hot Spots

Hot spots such as airports allow you to roam if you have a Hot Spot subscription, and T Mobile hot spots allow you to connect your laptop, Wi-Fi, to the Internet if you have the subscription and the equipment.

Sadly, you have to return to the office with your T-Mobile cell phone, but take heart: If you and your co-workers have T-Mobile phones, you can get the hot Spot service at a reduced rate--so you can get some work done with that latte.

What is the T Mobile Get More Plan?

T Mobile Messaging

For the family that likes to text rather than talk, T Mobile cell phone plans now offer unlimited family messaging. This may be a bonus for T Mobile subscribers when video messaging comes of age. If you want to talk, you can add or remove a wireless phone from the family plan at no cost.

T Mobile cell phones come with an attractive option--but don't let initial offers blind you to shopping for the best deal. If texting is what you're after, look for unlimited text messaging in your cell phone plan.

What is the T Mobile Regional Plan?

Comparing T Mobile

How does T Mobile compare to Sprint or Verizon?

Consumer affairs Web sites report mixed reviews, despite that J.D. Power and Associates "Overall Customer Satisfaction" award Catherine Zeta-Jones displays for our awe. Common complaints:

* Lack of customer service
* No signal (one colorful comment: Their coverage map should carry the footnote, "We really have no idea where we have a signal, so we had an artist make this up. Her favorite color is red, so she used it a lot.")
* Difficulty getting out of contract (some users report no problems)
* T Mobile has made exaggerated claims about its "Web wherever you are" service, according to the UK's THE GUARDIAN.

T Mobile's popularity and blogs dedicated to the service indicate that the company is doing something right to capture the market share. Plus, T Mobile is letting its subscribers go contractless with T Mobile To Go.

But customers wanting reliable phone service may want to shop around.

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