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Is there going to be a Treo 700P?

Reading the Palm

When the Treo 700W was released last fall as Palm's first new cell phone with a Windows OS, Palm fans were seriously worried about the future of their favorite OS. But according to ongoing posts in gadget blogs, the worry was unfounded. Palm is set to release a new Treo 700P smartphone through either Verizon or Sprint sometime next month. The Treo 700P will have all the same breakthrough features as the Treo 700W -- EVDO, 1 megapixel camera, modem use -- only with an upgraded Palm OS instead of the Windows system. So Palm may have made a deal with Big Brother (Microsoft), but they apparently didn't have to sacrifice everything to do it.

When is the Motorola Q going to be released?

Moto Q Remains a Mystery

The Motorola Q is coming. Cell phone watchers know this much because the FCC has approved the Motorola Q for release. And Verizon apparently jumped the gun recently and temporarily released a photo of the Motorola Q on its web site. But other than these sketchy details, there's been no information released -- or leaked -- by any of the major carriers. So why is everyone so interested? The Motorola Q is a smartphone, set to run Windows Mobile 5.0 and run on a high-speed EV-DO network. So it's worth waiting for. But the question is for how long?

Where can I buy a Sony Ericsson w800i Walkman phone

Nice Phone, If You Can Find It

You can easily find reviews of the new Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman phone all over the web. And all the reviewers are saying what a great combination of features the Sony Ericsson w800i Walkman phone offers: great sound, a sharp 2 megapixel camera, expandable memory (up to 2 GB). There's one problem. No major US carrier is currently selling the Sony Ericsson w800i Walkman phone. It's nowhere to be seen on the web sites of Verizon, Sprint or Cingular. You can buy one unlocked and try to make it work with your service. Otherwise, you have to wait for the w800i Walkman phone and try to keep from drooling.

What's going to be Motorola's sucessor to the highly successful RAZR?

Will the Canary Sing?

Anyone who knows anything about cell phones knows that the newest cell phones are the ones that get gadget geeks excited. Having the same phone as everyone else is not cool. So with Motorola RAZRs now selling for under $100 or sometimes free after rebate, phone watchers have been waiting for the successor to the Motorola RAZR. You may see that successor by the end of '06. Information has been surfacing recently on gadget blogs about the Motorola Canary, a supposed Motorola RAZR replacement. Initial photos show it's even thinner than the Motorola RAZR, although a bit longer. The Motorola Canary has a 2-megapixel camera and a nice glossy surface, but no smartphone OS. So it seems like it's not a great breakthrough in terms of features, but may end up another design success.

What's the next big thing in cell phones?

The Next Wave of Cell Phones

The next wave of new cell phones is going to please gadget junkies. We're moving ever-closer to the long-awaited real convergence of cell phone, computer, camera and music player. Take Nokia's new multimedia cell phones -- the N series (N72, N73 and N93). These new multimedia cell phones mix a high-end camera (with up to 3.2 megapixels) with a music player that plays both MP3 and AAC files (iTunes friendly!), even an FM radio and Bluetooth 2.0. You can expect to see these new multimedia cell phones here in the US sometime this summer.

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