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Liberty Wireless Information Tips

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Why might choosing Liberty Wireless be in your best interest?

Choosing Liberty Wireless:Pros and Cons

Free phones? Sounds too good to be true! But you can get a free phone with some prepaid cell phone services.

Prepaid Liberty Wireless phones are often free (sometimes they even come with rebates that allow the consumer to make money off of the phone they choose). If a free phone isn't incentive enough, you'll never need to worry about being turned away as they do with other carriers because Liberty does not run credit checks.

The service is prepaid and there are no hidden fees so the customer knows exactly how much they will be spending each month for their service. Most plans include a package of minutes, text messaging, free nationwide roaming and long distance, free voice mail, caller id, and three-way calling. With all of these features the service is just as competitive as carriers that require a 1-2 year contract, so check out the pros and cons at a wireless shopping site.

One downside: Your account might be placed on suspension because you haven't prepaid the next month's service, or you've used up all your anytime minutes. Once you've decide Liberty Wireless is for you, you can place your billing on automatic payment to avoid this problem--or seek another carrier.

What is the Liberty 300 Anytime Plan?

Liberty Wireless: No Credit Checks

No credit? No problem! Actually, that's not what Liberty Wireless says--the Prepaid Liberty Wireless plans simply don't require credit checks.

Credit does make a difference with cell phone carriers--especially if you have a bad credit history. Your cell phone service with Liberty is suspended if you don't schedule payments or if you use up your minutes (like overcharging your credit account), so even if you've gotten an account without a credit check, you'll want to clear your credit, pay your debts and schedule your wireless payments.

What is the Liberty 1000 Anytime Plan?

Liberty 1000 Anytime Plan

Is it wise to buy Liberty Wireless for a $5 flat rate compared to Sprint or t-Mobile?

The prepaid Liberty Wireless 1000 Anytime Plan includes:

• 1000 anytime minutes
• free nationwide roaming and long distance
• voice mail
• caller id
• 3-way calling
• access to Sprint PCS coverage areas at no additional charge

The plan does not have any bonus weekend minutes and is limited to the 1000 minutes per month (with additional minutes being billed to the user at 45 cents a piece). The plan is $45 per month.

Depending on your area, however, the Liberty 1000 may not be offered--Sprint, on the other hand, usually has most of its plans available. The good news is that you can talk on the Sprint network no matter what your Liberty Wireless plan you choose.

What is the Liberty 2000 Anytime Plan?

Add-Ons with the Liberty 2000 Anytime Plan

Have you used up your 2000 Liberty Wireless minutes and the month's only half-over? You can purchase add-on minutes to prevent your account from being suspended.

The prepaid Liberty Wireless 2000 Anytime Plan includes:

• 2000 anytime minutes
• free nationwide roaming and long distance
• voice mail
• caller id
• 3-way calling
• access to the Sprint PCS coverage area

Why would you need more? Sometimes there is just too much month ahead of the minutes. If you talk extensively for business, you'll definitely want more minutes. Just be sure to mmonitor your minute use online--that makes good business sense.

What phones are available from Liberty Wireless?

Prepaid Liberty Wireless Phones: All The Major Brands?

A prepaid phone? You probably won't get brand names, you think. Wrong.

Prepaid Liberty Wireless phones include name brands as well as phone manufacturers you might have never heard of, depending on your coverage area. Some Liberty Wireless phones are refurbished, but Liberty Wireless offers new phones.

Liberty Wireless phones have different features that may include things such as Internet capability, camera phones, games, ringtones, calendars, and phone books. Feature availability will depend on the phone chosen and some features may require a specific plan to use them.

On a prepaid plan, the phones available are of excellent quality and comparable if not equal to the phones offered by contract carriers. These cheap Liberty Wireless phones can give other carriers a run for their money. Plus, although the service is prepaid, consumers still have the benefit of getting a free phone or almost free phone with Liberty Wireless rebates and discounts.

Read your contract and check the phones available in your area to see that you get the phone you want. If having the latest model phone appeals to you, prepaid wireless plans may not suit you.

How to shop for Liberty Wireless phone accessories?

Accessorizing Liberty Wireless Phones

Dressing up your prepaid wireless phone with something in Bluetooth? Some accessories available include:

• original and aftermarket phone batteries
• car adapters
• car kits
• travel chargers
• headsets
• phone cases (including leather for some models)
• hands-free gear
• Bluetooth

Shopping on wireless phone discount sites is an excellent way to lower your cell phone costs--just make sure you trust the site as well as the wireless carrier.

What is the Liberty 100 Anytime Plan?

Liberty Plans

If you're hunting for a prepaid wireless plan, you may think you won't get 3-way calling, anytime minutes or a flat rate.

Prepaid Liberty Wireless plans offer fewer choices (depending on where you live) than traditional wireless carriers, but you may find the no-contract and the limited menu appealing. If you want extensive choices, however, Liberty Wireless may not be the service for you.

If you do choose Liberty Wireless, you can get a bundle of Anytime Minutes (800 to 2000) or a flat rate plan--whatever suits your phone life.

Why is managing a Liberty Wireless convenient?

Paperless Prepaid Liberty Wireless Account

You've probably heard that it's best to manage your accounts online and not get paper statements--identity theft. However, if you're dealing with an unknown company, you may insist on paper statements too. It's worth noting, however, that the big companies have had security breaches.

You can feel comfortable managing your Prepaid Liberty Wireless plans online. You can prepay for the months you want to use, In other words, they are not required to pay for a service until they do decide to use it. You can also automate everything with AutoPay.

While you typically think Internet and unknown companies when guarding against identity theft, you can feel safe taking advantage of automation and checking on your wireless plan online.

Why is Liberty Wireless one of the best prepaid cellular services available?

Liberty Wireless and Sprint PCS Partnership

Calling in a Sprint PCS service area on your Liberty Wireless plan? You have more Liberty! Liberty Wireless offers coverage for both local and nationwide areas that includes all Sprint PCS coverage areas (this includes the United States and parts of Canada).

The Sprint PCS network is vast, so this may be a plus when you're signing up with a wireless carrier you may not have heard of before. Prepaid cell phone plans are attractive, but the coverage may not be as extensive as with the major cell phone providers. Liberty's Sprint PCS connection makes Liberty Wireless an attractive option.

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