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Prepaid Liberty Wireless Phones: All The Major Brands?

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What phones are available from Liberty Wireless?

Prepaid Liberty Wireless Phones: All The Major Brands?

A prepaid phone? You probably won't get brand names, you think. Wrong.

Prepaid Liberty Wireless phones include name brands as well as phone manufacturers you might have never heard of, depending on your coverage area. Some Liberty Wireless phones are refurbished, but Liberty Wireless offers new phones.

Liberty Wireless phones have different features that may include things such as Internet capability, camera phones, games, ringtones, calendars, and phone books. Feature availability will depend on the phone chosen and some features may require a specific plan to use them.

On a prepaid plan, the phones available are of excellent quality and comparable if not equal to the phones offered by contract carriers. These cheap Liberty Wireless phones can give other carriers a run for their money. Plus, although the service is prepaid, consumers still have the benefit of getting a free phone or almost free phone with Liberty Wireless rebates and discounts.

Read your contract and check the phones available in your area to see that you get the phone you want. If having the latest model phone appeals to you, prepaid wireless plans may not suit you.



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