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Personalizing Your Cell Phone Tips

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Why would I want to root my mobile phone or device?

Rooted vs. Non-Rooted Cell Phones

When it comes to personalizing mobile phones and devices, rooting (gaining administrator access) definitely opens a lot of options. For advanced users, rooting a phone can help to clear some of the bloatware (unwanted software that takes up valuable space on your device's internal memory) that often comes pre-installed. This is often cited as the main reason for taking the risk involved with gaining root access.

With a rooted phone, the user can add or remove system applications, access special market applications that only work on rooted devices, install custom ROM's with additional features and change hidden settings of the phone. Unfortunately, gaining root access on your mobile phone will usually void any warranty from the manufacturer and it may violate the TOS of your cell phone service provider. In addition, the process of rooting a phone may result in an unusable condition, known as "bricking," if the wrong software is used or if an error occurs during the rooting process. Due to the risks involved, rooting of mobile devices is for advanced users only.

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