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Cell Phone Fashion. Tips

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PEBL Looks Like a Rock

Motorola's PEBL cell phone takes its inspiration from pebbles made round and smooth by rushing streams. The new fashion cell phone looks like a pet rock unopened and has the same weighty feel. But split the cell pohne like a clamshell and it turns into a full-featured phone, complete with Bluetooth, MP3 and iTunes AAC compatibility and a camera. Did we mention the PEBL cell phone comes in a variety of colors, too?


Make Your Own Covers

If you've ever wanted to really, really personalize your fashion cell phone, Sony Ericsson has taken its StyleUp covers to a new level of customization.
You can make covers for various Sony Ericsson cell phones online using your own photos and designs. Upload your photos through the Web interface, add your choice of text, icons and background colors and you have a fashion cell phone that's uniquely yours. It's about $25 per cover and it only works with certain Sony Ericsson cell phones.


Ultimate Girlie Phone

For the ultimate in girl fashion, the Siemens CL75 "poppy" cell phone is available. This fashion cell phone is pretty in soft pink and blue with a red poppy etched around the entire case. And it comes with a crystal charm on a strap, too. Still not girlie enough? The cell phone's screen can does double-duty as a mirror for checking make-up.

The phone also has a camera Web browser and IM, and the current talk time is relatively short -- only three hours. By the way, this cell phone is still available only in Europe, which means it should arrive here in the next six months or so.


Gadget Geek Fashion

Geek fashion phones are usually the opposite of some of these other fashionable cell phones. Whereas phones like the Siemens "poppy" phones and the Motorola PEBL are designed to appear sleek and not look like a cell phone, cell phone and gadget geeks want cell phones that have all the bells and whistles and let everyone know it. At the top of the geek fashion list are the Treo 650, running Palm software, and the Treo 700, running Windows. Each combines cell phone functionality with a PDA, still camera, video camera and MP3 player. There are new phones from Samsung that have slider QWERTY keyboards. And there's the Sidekick, with its full keyboard, the Blackberry line, and for super-geeks, the Sharp Linux-based cell phone. All of these phones will never be mistaken for a fashion cell phone or anything but a cell phone with lots of bells and whistles -- and that's the whole idea.


Show Your NASCAR Loyalty

NASCAR fans looking for a fashion cell phone will want to track down Nextel phones customized with their favorite NASCAR driver's colors, logo and number. From Jeff Gordon to Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., you can show your NASCAR loyalty with your choice of NASCAR cell phone. These cell phones are no longer sold new by Nextel, but you can find individual NASCAR cell phones or the complete set of 12 easy enough by checking EBay.


Nokia Leads in Fashion

When it comes to funky fashion cell phones, Finnish cell phone manufacturer Nokia is usually way out in front. Right now, the company has two "fashion cell phone" collections. Both the gilded "L'Amour" and the sleek "Distinctly Bold" collections include the 7280/7380 line: tiny phones no bigger than a lipstick case, with keyless dialing, voice commands, and a 2-megapixel camera. If you want a cell phone that gets noticed while remaining discreet, these phones will get you the attention you crave. However, since these fashion cell phones are only available outside the US at this point, you will need to be creative to get your hands on one.


RAZR Hot or Not?

Hot or not? With cell phones, especially fashion cell phones, it depends on how rare and groundbreaking the cell phone is. For example, Motorola's RAZR line has been the hot fashion cell phone over the past 18 months. With an ultra-thin body, sharp looks and features like video playback and a 1 megapixel camera, it was a real showpiece for phone fans. Not any more, despite the color choices available now (even pink). The line has been so popular that Motorola cranked up production and now you can get a RAZR as part of a standard deal with many cell providers, including the Cingular RAZR v3. It was the top-selling cell phone of 2005.

Bottom line: Once a fashion cell phone becomes affordable and ubiquitous, it's no longer cool.


The Ultimate Fashion Cell Phone

If you see your fashion cell phone as a status symbol, the ultimate status cell phones are made by Vertu. The company makes phones in yellow or white 18K gold, with diamond studs. These are the blingiest of the bling, in terms of fashion cell phones. You're guaranteed to get noticed and you'll pay for the privilege. Some of Vertu's cell phone handsets go for more than $20,000. So if you have the money to spend on one of these very fashionable cell phones, you might want to think about hiring personal security, too.


Less Expensive Phone Options

You don't have to buy an expensive fashion cell phone to make it totally fashionable. There are all sorts of modifications anyone can make to their cell phone relatively cheaply, depending on your phone's model and age. Here's a round-up of less-expensive ideas that will help you make your cell phone your own fashion cell phone:

* Wallpaper: Many cell phones let you choose the wallpaper -- the background of the main screen. You can use a photo from the collection in your cell phone or purchase a design online.

* Skins: Often, you can replace outer cover of the cell phone with customized covers you can order over the Web for buy in a retail store.

* Cases: There's a huge line of custom cases available for most popular cell phones. You can choose from leather, brushed aluminum, plastic, or more expensive jewel-encrusted models.

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