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Gadget Geek Fashion

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Gadget Geek Fashion

Geek fashion phones are usually the opposite of some of these other fashionable cell phones. Whereas phones like the Siemens "poppy" phones and the Motorola PEBL are designed to appear sleek and not look like a cell phone, cell phone and gadget geeks want cell phones that have all the bells and whistles and let everyone know it. At the top of the geek fashion list are the Treo 650, running Palm software, and the Treo 700, running Windows. Each combines cell phone functionality with a PDA, still camera, video camera and MP3 player. There are new phones from Samsung that have slider QWERTY keyboards. And there's the Sidekick, with its full keyboard, the Blackberry line, and for super-geeks, the Sharp Linux-based cell phone. All of these phones will never be mistaken for a fashion cell phone or anything but a cell phone with lots of bells and whistles -- and that's the whole idea.



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