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Motorola Cell Phones. Tips

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How is the Motorola Push-to-Talk Option beneficial?


Want to walkie-talkie like when you were a kid? Motorola cell phones offer a push-to-talk option on many models when you purchase a cell phone through a wireless carrier such as Cingular.

Push-To-Talk may give you the freedom you felt as a kid, but has grown-up applications. It's extremely popular for commercial businesses because it allows co-workers to access each other in real time without the hassle of dialing.

Note for kids on a budget: Some phones only let you activate will the push-to-talk feature if you opt not to make outside calls on the regular cell phone function. This is a convenience for companies looking to save money. The best solutions sometimes come from childhood ideas.

What kinds of Motorola camera phones are available?

Smile: Motorola Camera Phones

Smile! Some Motorola cell phones are available with built in cameras. While you can't say cheese for all Motorola cell phones, the Razr and upcoming Motorola phone models offer point-and-shoot built-in cameras.

Motorola may have an edge in slim design, but many users prefer camera and music phones such as Sony Ericsson. A search of Motorola phones can be done on online sites to find the specific phone desired and the carriers that offer it. Get the picture about your picture phone before you buy. Reviewers say that the pictures from Motorola camera phones are "not bad".

Some camera phones offer digital zoom of up to 4 times, flash, self-timers, and VGA resolution. Depending on the quality of pictures the user is looking for, some camera phones will have a better resolution than others--you may be better off investing in a digital camera.

If you're not a pro photographer, you can buy camera phones purchased with carrier service or through online sites. Ready for your close-up?

What are the basic stats of Motorola phones?

Motorola Bluetooth Headset

You may want to buy a Wi-Fi Bluetooth Motorola headset. Before you buy that accessory for your Motorola phone, some hints:

* Reviews are generally good for Motorola Bluetooth headsets.
* Range may be limited.
* Silicon Valley and other high-tech high-traffic areas interfere with the wireless network. Too many people Moto-ing!

When investing in accessories for Motorola cell phones, you want to streamline your life. That Razr Motorola cell phone won't look so cool if you can't hear through the headset

How do BlueTooth and Motorola make life simple?

Motorola Music Phone

MP3 phones are all the rage, with sales of the iPod Nnao picking up after mediocre results. But will Motorola's music phones sound sweet to you?

The Razr and other Motorola cell phones do offer you musical options, especially wwith Apple's iTunes technology, but many consumers prefer Sony sound--although no one can deny how streamlined Motorola mobile phones are. You'll have to take a listen in the store. You may not want the ultimate in musical sound on your cell phone. If you do, Motorola may not be your best choice.

What types of products does Motorola offer?

Hello Moto: The Most Advanced Cell Phones?

The streamlined design might make you Moto, but are Motorola cell phones the best? Some Moto tips:

* Motorola wireless phones are said to withstand punishment, but the shiny new casings on the Razr Motorola mobile phone do tarnish.
* The most advanced music phones come from Samsung and Sony.
* Motorola has released new video phones that are said to be the ultimate.
* Motorola phones are said to last for three years--most cell phones last for two.

As important as Motorola high-tech dazzle is the availability of Motorola wireless phones from wireless providers. All the major wireless providers offer Motorola phones, and they're a staple of Nextel. Now you can Moto with an informed decision.

What is iDEN technology by Motorola?

Motorola iDEN Technology Explained

iDEN? Is that a new Internet company? No, it's a Motorola mobile phone offering.

iDEN stands for Integrated Digital Enhanced Network, introduced by Motorola in 1994. The Motorola iDEN is a handset that incorporates four technologies into one. The iDEN Motorola cell phones are pocket-sized, but pack a Moto punch with a two-way digital radio and digital wireless, alphanumeric messaging, and data/fax capabilities using Internet technology.

The iDEN is a multi-function phone with a built in speakerphone, voice command, phone book, voice mail, Internet and email, wireless modem, voice activation, and voice recording so the user has a miniature office while on the go.

If you're a Sprint Nextel, SouthernLinc, or BoostMobile customer in North America, you can purchase the iDEN. iDEN competes with other cell phone technologies such as GSM and CDMA (types of networks), so your choice of carrier is limited.

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