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Hello Moto: The Most Advanced Cell Phones?

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What types of products does Motorola offer?

Hello Moto: The Most Advanced Cell Phones?

The streamlined design might make you Moto, but are Motorola cell phones the best? Some Moto tips:

* Motorola wireless phones are said to withstand punishment, but the shiny new casings on the Razr Motorola mobile phone do tarnish.
* The most advanced music phones come from Samsung and Sony.
* Motorola has released new video phones that are said to be the ultimate.
* Motorola phones are said to last for three years--most cell phones last for two.

As important as Motorola high-tech dazzle is the availability of Motorola wireless phones from wireless providers. All the major wireless providers offer Motorola phones, and they're a staple of Nextel. Now you can Moto with an informed decision.



9/13/2007 8:25:19 PM
Kitty said:

I work for cell phone tech support and while some of the older motos do last a long time, the new ones like the RAZR, the KRZR and the SLVR are junk. The settings are not intuitive and sometimes reset themselves. Also I find they are flimsy, Samsung is the number one most durable brand served by my company. (Sony, Samsung, LG, Moto and Nokia). Nokia are high powered but complicated, LG is okay, except for the chocolate, Sony is great especially for music. I find the phones that are the most gimmicky and "cool" like the RAZR and the Chocolate, tend to be the worst ones.


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