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Motorola Cell Phones Tips

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How can I make my battery charge last longer on my Motorola Q cell phone?

How Do I Make My Battery Last Longer With A Motorola Q cell phone?

The extra functions on the Motorola Q cell phone can quickly drain battery power, but some simple tricks will give your Motorola cell phone battery more life. Did you know that you can set your screen to automatically dim after your Motorola Q cell phone is idle for a certain period of time?
Press “Start”, scroll to and select “Settings”, scroll to and select “More.” Next, select “Power Management”, scroll to “Backlight Timeout On Battery”, and scroll left to decrease the time delay from 10 seconds to five seconds, and press “Done.”

Do you remember to disable Bluetooth connectivity on your Motorola Q cell phone when you are not using it? Disable Bluetooth by pressing “Start”, scrolling to and selecting “Bluetooth”, and “Bluetooth manager.” Select “Settings”, then scroll left to deactivate Bluetooth. Running too many applications at once also puts a strain your Motorola cell phone battery. By shutting down the ones you aren't currently using, your Motorola Q cell phone will last longer before needing a recharge.

How can I use the email functions on my Motorola Q cell phone more effectively?

E-mail On Motorola Cell Phones

Do you need some help getting the hang of the e-mail function on your Motorola Q cell phone? Try some of these tips:

1. If an e-mail is from an existing contact, you can respond quickly by highlighting and selecting the name. The phone number will appear, and you call right from your email screen.

2. Do you have two email accounts? Toggle between the two with your Motorola Q cell phone without going to the home screen each time by using the left or right arrow on the navigation key to go back and forth.

3. Do you need to change an appointment or meeting? Send an email straight from the Outlook Calendar using your Motorola cell phone. In your Outlook Calendar, scroll down and open the appointment, scroll down to the email address underlined in the body of the appointment, and press the action button in the middle of the navigation key. Select the email account you want to send from, press the action button in the middle of the navigation key, and type out your email. Hit the send button, and you are finished!

What does the release of Motorola cell phones with the MOTOMAGX platform mean for me as a cell phone user?


Motorola has released several new cell phones using a Linux-based platform known as MOTOMAGX. What does that mean to you as a cell phone user? Like computers, cell phones need an operating system to manage applications.

Motorola cell phones using MOTOMAGX can use a variety of third party applications such as Google Local for Mobile. This feature was created by Google, not by a cell phone manufacturer, but if loaded onto your Motorola cellular phone you get access to Google's database of maps, handy for road trips and sightseeing.

Another third party application is Opera Mini, a free web browser made just for cell phones. Many cell phone manufacturers prohibit third party applications from being used on their cell phones; Motorola cell phones with MOTOMGX offer many new options savvy cell phone owners have been waiting for.

How can I get my calls if I have left my Motorola Q cell phone at home?

Call Forwarding On Motorola Cell Phones

Forget your Motorola Q cell phone at home? If there is someone at your house to do a few quick programming steps, you can still receive your calls throughout the day.

A family member, roommate or friend can forward your Motorola cellular phone calls to your office by going to the Settings menu, selecting “phone”, and “call forwarding". Choose if you want it to forward all calls, or if you only want it to forward when busy, or there is no reply. You can forward your Motorola Q cell phone calls to a preset number from your phone book list, or select “custom” and enter a new number.

How can I get a boost of battery power when my Motorola Razr cell phone is running low?

My Razr Battery Is Running Low!

If the battery in your Motorola Razr cell phone is down to one bar, and you need to make an important call, you can tap into the reserve battery power by turning the Motorola Razr cell phone off for about 30 seconds. When you turn the phone back on, you should have about two bars of power. This will power your Motorola Razr cell phone for up to10 minutes, depending on how low the battery was to begin with.

Disable the Bluetooth on your Motorola cellular phone to make the power last longer. This trick will get you through a crunch, but if you use the phone a lot and the battery is always running low, an extended life Motorola cell phone battery will double your talk time.

What do I need to know about filing a claim against my Motorola cell phone warranty?

Your Motorola Cell Phone Warranty

When you purchase a Motorola cellular phone, it comes with the standard Motorola cell phone warranty which protects you from defects in the original materials or workmanship. Some forget the Motorola cell phone warranty is not intended to protect you from theft, loss, water damage, or daily wear and tear.

That kind of protection is available through cell phone insurance from your cellular network provider for a monthly charge. If you have a legitimate warranty problem, you will need to provide proof of purchase, including the date of purchase of your Motorola E815 cell phone, Motorola L7 cell phone, or other model. Keep the sales receipt and this will be no problem.

Remember that water damage, external damage to the phone's housing, or replacing the face plate or other original parts of the Motorola cellular phone could render your warranty void.

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