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How Do I Make My Battery Last Longer With A Motorola Q cell phone?

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How can I make my battery charge last longer on my Motorola Q cell phone?

How Do I Make My Battery Last Longer With A Motorola Q cell phone?

The extra functions on the Motorola Q cell phone can quickly drain battery power, but some simple tricks will give your Motorola cell phone battery more life. Did you know that you can set your screen to automatically dim after your Motorola Q cell phone is idle for a certain period of time?
Press “Start”, scroll to and select “Settings”, scroll to and select “More.” Next, select “Power Management”, scroll to “Backlight Timeout On Battery”, and scroll left to decrease the time delay from 10 seconds to five seconds, and press “Done.”

Do you remember to disable Bluetooth connectivity on your Motorola Q cell phone when you are not using it? Disable Bluetooth by pressing “Start”, scrolling to and selecting “Bluetooth”, and “Bluetooth manager.” Select “Settings”, then scroll left to deactivate Bluetooth. Running too many applications at once also puts a strain your Motorola cell phone battery. By shutting down the ones you aren't currently using, your Motorola Q cell phone will last longer before needing a recharge.



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