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Call Forwarding On Motorola Cell Phones

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How can I get my calls if I have left my Motorola Q cell phone at home?

Call Forwarding On Motorola Cell Phones

Forget your Motorola Q cell phone at home? If there is someone at your house to do a few quick programming steps, you can still receive your calls throughout the day.

A family member, roommate or friend can forward your Motorola cellular phone calls to your office by going to the Settings menu, selecting “phone”, and “call forwarding". Choose if you want it to forward all calls, or if you only want it to forward when busy, or there is no reply. You can forward your Motorola Q cell phone calls to a preset number from your phone book list, or select “custom” and enter a new number.



5/21/2009 9:44:55 AM
kaz said:

I have a Motorolo Q and it does not give me the phone forwarding options there. :(


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