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Alltel Wireless Tips

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What is the Alltel Wireless Greater Freedom Plan?

Alltel Cellular Greater Freedom Plan

Looking for Alltell Wireless tips? The Alltell Wireless Greater Freedom Plan is perfect for the user who does not travel often or make many calls outside of a certain area. It is a local coverage plan in which the exact area covered by a user's plan is specified by the plan's provider. The Greater Freedom Alltel Wireless Plans vary from $29.99 - $199.99 per month and include 300-4200 anytime minutes.

The basic plan, available for $29.99, does not include any night or weekend minutes or mobile-to-mobile home minutes. The plan, costing $39.99 a month, however, offers 1000 night and weekend minutes and 1000 mobile-to-mobile minutes. And, all other Alltel Greater Freedom plans costing more than $39.99 a month include unlimited minutes for both nights and weekends as well as mobile-to-mobile minutes. The additional per-minute rates begin at 45 cents for the less expensive plans and 25 cents per minute for more expensive plans.

If the user plans to make some calls outside of their designated coverage area or to do any traveling they can add Free to Roam for a mere $10.00 per month. This option will provide them with 100 nationwide minutes (this is much less expensive than paying roaming charges). The package comes with standard features but additional features can be added depending on the Alltell wireless phone used. This is a great package for making local calls.

Why is Alltell the best option for nationwide Touch-to-Talk service?

Alltell Wireless Has the Largest Touch-to-Talk Coverage Area

Alltell Wireless offers Touch-to-Talk with many of their phones. Alltell's Touch-to-Talk coverage area is coast to coast making it the largest walkie talkie coverage area available. The service is reliable and packages including either local or national coverage are available. Certain phones are able to switch between wireless and walkie talkie mode easily to ensure that calls are never missed. Plus, the user is able to modify their availability status in accordance to who is calling. Touch-to-Talk is available for 15 cents per minute, $5.00 per month for 100 private local minutes or 50 group local minutes, $10.00 per month for local unlimited private minutes and 100 group minutes, or $15.00 per month for unlimited nationwide minutes and 100 group minutes. This is the best network and service available for walkie-talkie access.

What is the Alltel Wireless National Freedom Plan?

Alltell National Freedom Plan

The Alltell Wireless National Freedom Plan is one step below the Total Freedom Plan. It offers extensive coverage in most major cities and provides an Alltel cellular connection between family and friends in these areas. However, this plan does include some areas that will incur long distance charges at 40 cents per minute and roaming charges at 59 cents per minute.

The National Freedom Alltell Wireless Plans vary in price ranging from $39.99 - $199.99 per month (this includes anywhere from 450-4000 anytime minutes). The very basic National Freedom plan for $39.99 per month includes 1000 night & weekend minutes and 1000 mobile-to-mobile home minutes. All other National Freedom plans include unlimited night & weekend minutes and unlimited mobile-mobile home minutes.

This plan has a 1-2 year contract agreement and all of the same basic features as the Total Freedom Plan. it also includes package upgrades and the ability to add up to four additional lines for $9.99 each.

What features does Alltell Wireless have to offer?

Alltell Wireless Has Features Just For You

Alltell Wireless offers users the option of adding additional features such as messaging, ringtones, wallpaper, games, email, mobile web, and other productivity tools for a low monthly fee. Some of their features are even available for a free trial period that allows users to test them out. Here are a few alltel wireless tips:

The messaging feature includes text, picture, and video messaging available either on a per-use basis or in packages (starting at $5.99 per month for 300 messages up to $24.99 per month for unlimited messages).

The ringtones feature includes the ability to download real music ringtones from various sources at package prices ranging from $2.99 to $13.49 for a specific amount of downloads from specific sites. It also allows users to customize their phone with songs by popular artists.

Wallpaper can also be downloaded on a pay-per-use basis from the Axcess Shop to personalize certain phones.

Games are other exciting, downloadable features available at various prices (depending on the game) and can be played alone or interactively with other users online. This is a very cool feature for the gaming types!

It should also be noted that if a user's phone is capable of accepting/receiving email they can download their email interface and access it from their own phone at prices determined by their email company (Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.). Plus, Alltell Wireless customers can have unlimited access to the web for just $5.99 per month. That's a great deal!
Some other applications available include: organizers, educational tools, lifestyle extras, comics, productivity tools, and news & weather applications. All vary in price. Alltel Cellular has it all!

What kind of phones does Alltell have to choose from?

Alltell Wireless Phones Include All Major Brands

Alltell Wireless has many major phone brands to choose from and can cater to any customer's wants and needs. The phone choices include brand names such as Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Audiovox. The Alltell wireless phones offer various features including Touch-to-Talk technology, digital cameras, video capability, gaming functions, web access, and MP3 players. There are also enough colors and styles available to appeal to anyone. Phones vary in price from 99 cents to $249.99 with a 2-year contract agreement. Plus, there are accessories available for each model.

What is the Alltel Wireless Freedom Plan?

Alltell Total Freedom Plan

Alltell Wireless is a nationwide wireless plan that has something for everyone. The Total Freedom plan offers nationwide calling with no long distance or roaming charges. The Total Freedom Alltell calling plans vary in price from $39.99-$299.99 depending on the number of anytime minutes the user requires. These Alltell wireless plans offer from 200-3000 anytime minutes. Each of these plans includes 1000 nights and weekend minutes and 1000 mobile-to-mobile home minutes. The additional per minute rate begins at 40 cents per minute for the lesser plans and reduces to 20 cents per minute for the more expensive plans.

The contracts offer 1-2 year plans and each plan includes the following features: basic voice mail, caller id, 3-way calling, no answer transfer, call forwarding, call waiting, and text messaging (text messaging costs 10 cents for outgoing messages and 2 cents for incoming messages).

Additional features are available for a fee based on the Alltel wireless phone capability. Plus, plans $59.99 and up can have up to four additional lines added for $9.99 each.

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