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Sprint PCS Cell Phones Tips

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What is Sprint PCS Voice Command?

Hands Free: Sprint PCS Voice Command

Want to voice dial even when you're not on the road? Sprint PCS Voice Command is a terrific option that makes dialing virtually hands free. With this option, you can program your Sprint cell phone to call specific people or dial specific numbers with the sound of your voice.

The numbers can actually be spoken into the phone, or the user can ask the phone to reach "Aunt Sally at home" by repeating voice data that has been assigned to key people and phone numbers.

Worried about losing your voice, er, voice phone book? Tip: Sprint PCS stores the address book online so that information will not be lost if the phone is lost or broken. Also, word up: This information is completely transferable to other phones).

As a bonus, the voice command offers a list of preferences for weather reports, stocks, sports, etc.

What is the Sprint PCS Fair & Flexible Plan?

Adjustable Rate Plans

Keeping up with cell phone plans is as difficult as keeping track of the minutes you use--though flexible plans adjust to include the minutes you actually talk. That's the idea behind the Sprint PCS Fair and Flexible plan. Adjustable rate plans adjust to your individual cell phone usage.

Ideally, you don't have to pay outrageous overage charges for 700 minutes if your plan says 600 minutes. Users report that the plan is excellent--although some gripe about Sprint's poor coverage network. What use are minutes if you can't get connected? Still, if your cell phone usage gets heavier during business travel, an adjustable rate plan may be a great option

What is Sprint PCS Vision?

I Want My MTV: Sprint PCS Vision

Jay Leno may joke about watching video on your cell phone, but Sprint PCS cellular phone users have the option to upgrade with the Sprint PCS Vision Pack. This is a wireless service that includes multimedia so you can watch streaming video from channels like FOX, CNN, etc., send Sprint PCS Video Mail (make sure your phone has a video record function to send that graduation clip), Sprint PCS Picture Mail (for sharing and uploading photos), plus messaging, games, etc...if you can get to the messaging and games without being distracted by the video.

These additional features are available with limited or unlimited access for a low monthly fee based on the area of coverage and service plan.

While cell phone video has become more and more sophisticated, depending on your cell phone model, you may not get the best quality video--plus, it's not fun trying to watch the State of the Union on your cell phone! If you believe Jay Leno, members of Congress watch the Cartoon Newtork on cell phones, possibly during the president's speech. Sprint PCS Vision may prove a distraction. Handle with care.

What is Sprint PCS Ready Link?

Link Up With Sprint PCS Ready Link

Ready to get wired?

If you are a Sprint PCS cellular phone user, you can take advantage of Sprint PCS Ready Link if your phone is "wired" for it.

Ready Link is walkie-talkie style communication that can make getting in touch with friends, family, and colleagues an easy task. reports that Ready Link is the easiest of the push-to-talk services.

Worried that all this linking will use up your minutes? Ready Link doesn't eat your minutes, and is quick and efficient. The downsid: not all Sprint PCS phones are Ready Link capable, and they're expensive--though you can get a deal on REady Link phones when you sign up for service.

What does Sprint PCS have to offer with Roadside Assistance?

Help's Available With Roadside Rescue Assistance

Choosing Sprint PCS cellular phones? Switching from Cingular and wondering if you'll be able to call for a tow? Sprint PCS offers the advantage of Roadside Rescue Assistance for a monthly fee of $4.00. The service includes up to four service calls per year as long as you're calling on your Sprint PCS cellular phone in the vehicle needing service.

Your radside rescue includes:

• battery boost
• flat tire change (with customer's inflated spare)
• fuel delivery
• lockout/locksmith service (up to $50)
• extricating/winching (up to $100)
• minor mechanical adjustments
• towing with free hookup plus limited destination tow

The service is available 24 hours a day in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U. S. Virgin Islands. Plus, you can call toll free as you can with Cingular.

What do you get when switching to Sprint from Cingular? The knowledge that you'll be covered if you blow a tire on the mean streets of Baltimore.

Why does Sprint PCS have one of the best warranties around?

Sprint PCS Total Equipment Protection

Oh no--you lost your cell phone while club-hopping in New York. No problem.

Sprint PCS cellular phone users can be protected from the theft, loss, or accidental damage of Sprint PCS phones for only $6.00 per month. If anything happens to your Sprint PCS phone covered by Total Equipment Protection, Sprint will provide you with a brand new phone for a small deductible of $50. Don't be careless--you're limited to two replacements per year.

The replacement program covers the Sprint PCS phone, standard battery, and standard battery charger. Plus, with the enhanced warranty program the phone is covered from mechanical and electrical failure do to normal wear and tear for $10 warranty processing.

Note that if you buy a Connection Card, you have to purchase the protection plan before you activate the card. However, if you lost your laptop club-hopping, Sprint can't help you.

What minute options does Sprint PCS have available?

Just a Minute: Sprint PCS Minute Options

Ever wish a minute could do more? Do Sprint Minute Options help you do more?

Sprint PCS includes night and weekend minutes with most plans. Sprint PCS phones night minutes begin at 9pm and end at 7am. Weekend minutes begin at 9pm on Fridays and end on Mondays at 7am. For a small monthly fee you can increase your night and weekend hours by adjusting your night and weekend minutes so that they begin at 7pm rather than 9pm. This gives you an additional 10 hours per week of peak talk time without using up your anytime minutes!

Want to give someone else a minute of your time? Night and weekend minutes can be shared on the Sprint PCS cellular phone share plans.

Want to phone home like E.T. without paying for it? Sprint has that option, too.

What's the catch? You can't make a minute do everything--not all plans allow you to share minutes, for example, or call mobile-to-mobile. Also, cell phone plans change, so take a minute and always check the Internet before you sign up.

What is the Sprint PCS Better Wireless Guarantee?

Same Sprint PCS Better Wireless Guarantee?

Now that Sprint and Nextel go together like love and marriage, will the Sprint Better Wireless Guarantee for Sprint PCS Cellular Phones still hold? Absolutely.

Sprint's guarantee gives customers a 14-Day Risk Free Guarantee on all Sprint PCS phones and services. If you're dissatisfied for any reason during the first 14 days, you can return your phone or cancel service for a full refund (less minutes used). You can't do this with marriage--Hollywood examples to the contrary.

Nextel said "I do" to the Sprint PCS Right Plan Promise. This allows customers to change service plans at any time within the first 90 days without renewing their contract (as long as the new plan has the same contract length).

And Nextel agreed to the third part of the guarantee, the Sprint PCS New For You Program that offers customers $150 off a new phone of their choice every 18 months. Each new Sprint PCS phone comes with a 12 month limited warranty. When's the last time couples agreed on every decision for the big wedding day? Plus. Sprint offers its own Fair and Flexible and Free Incoming plans.

What is the Sprint PCS Free & Clear Area Wide Plan?

Sprint PCS and SIRIUS

Satellite radio's the big thing--can you get it on your phone? Do you need one more distraction? Yes to the first question, no to the second.

You can listen to SIRIUS Satellite Radio on your Sprint PCS cellular phone and download digital tracks--if you have a Power Vision phone. You might be torn between the Sprint PCS Business Connection and SIRIUS. But if you're in the music industry, it might be a tradeoff you make easily.

Not all phones are equipped with SIRIUS Satellite Radio--you have to buy a Power Vision phone. Also, the plan doesn't say anything about talk radio.

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