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Just a Minute: Sprint PCS Minute Options

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What minute options does Sprint PCS have available?

Just a Minute: Sprint PCS Minute Options

Ever wish a minute could do more? Do Sprint Minute Options help you do more?

Sprint PCS includes night and weekend minutes with most plans. Sprint PCS phones night minutes begin at 9pm and end at 7am. Weekend minutes begin at 9pm on Fridays and end on Mondays at 7am. For a small monthly fee you can increase your night and weekend hours by adjusting your night and weekend minutes so that they begin at 7pm rather than 9pm. This gives you an additional 10 hours per week of peak talk time without using up your anytime minutes!

Want to give someone else a minute of your time? Night and weekend minutes can be shared on the Sprint PCS cellular phone share plans.

Want to phone home like E.T. without paying for it? Sprint has that option, too.

What's the catch? You can't make a minute do everything--not all plans allow you to share minutes, for example, or call mobile-to-mobile. Also, cell phone plans change, so take a minute and always check the Internet before you sign up.



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