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I Want My MTV: Sprint PCS Vision

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What is Sprint PCS Vision?

I Want My MTV: Sprint PCS Vision

Jay Leno may joke about watching video on your cell phone, but Sprint PCS cellular phone users have the option to upgrade with the Sprint PCS Vision Pack. This is a wireless service that includes multimedia so you can watch streaming video from channels like FOX, CNN, etc., send Sprint PCS Video Mail (make sure your phone has a video record function to send that graduation clip), Sprint PCS Picture Mail (for sharing and uploading photos), plus messaging, games, etc...if you can get to the messaging and games without being distracted by the video.

These additional features are available with limited or unlimited access for a low monthly fee based on the area of coverage and service plan.

While cell phone video has become more and more sophisticated, depending on your cell phone model, you may not get the best quality video--plus, it's not fun trying to watch the State of the Union on your cell phone! If you believe Jay Leno, members of Congress watch the Cartoon Newtork on cell phones, possibly during the president's speech. Sprint PCS Vision may prove a distraction. Handle with care.



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