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Hands Free: Sprint PCS Voice Command

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What is Sprint PCS Voice Command?

Hands Free: Sprint PCS Voice Command

Want to voice dial even when you're not on the road? Sprint PCS Voice Command is a terrific option that makes dialing virtually hands free. With this option, you can program your Sprint cell phone to call specific people or dial specific numbers with the sound of your voice.

The numbers can actually be spoken into the phone, or the user can ask the phone to reach "Aunt Sally at home" by repeating voice data that has been assigned to key people and phone numbers.

Worried about losing your voice, er, voice phone book? Tip: Sprint PCS stores the address book online so that information will not be lost if the phone is lost or broken. Also, word up: This information is completely transferable to other phones).

As a bonus, the voice command offers a list of preferences for weather reports, stocks, sports, etc.



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