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E-mail On Motorola Cell Phones

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How can I use the email functions on my Motorola Q cell phone more effectively?

E-mail On Motorola Cell Phones

Do you need some help getting the hang of the e-mail function on your Motorola Q cell phone? Try some of these tips:

1. If an e-mail is from an existing contact, you can respond quickly by highlighting and selecting the name. The phone number will appear, and you call right from your email screen.

2. Do you have two email accounts? Toggle between the two with your Motorola Q cell phone without going to the home screen each time by using the left or right arrow on the navigation key to go back and forth.

3. Do you need to change an appointment or meeting? Send an email straight from the Outlook Calendar using your Motorola cell phone. In your Outlook Calendar, scroll down and open the appointment, scroll down to the email address underlined in the body of the appointment, and press the action button in the middle of the navigation key. Select the email account you want to send from, press the action button in the middle of the navigation key, and type out your email. Hit the send button, and you are finished!



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