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My Razr Battery Is Running Low!

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How can I get a boost of battery power when my Motorola Razr cell phone is running low?

My Razr Battery Is Running Low!

If the battery in your Motorola Razr cell phone is down to one bar, and you need to make an important call, you can tap into the reserve battery power by turning the Motorola Razr cell phone off for about 30 seconds. When you turn the phone back on, you should have about two bars of power. This will power your Motorola Razr cell phone for up to10 minutes, depending on how low the battery was to begin with.

Disable the Bluetooth on your Motorola cellular phone to make the power last longer. This trick will get you through a crunch, but if you use the phone a lot and the battery is always running low, an extended life Motorola cell phone battery will double your talk time.



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