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Motorola iDEN Technology Explained

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What is iDEN technology by Motorola?

Motorola iDEN Technology Explained

iDEN? Is that a new Internet company? No, it's a Motorola mobile phone offering.

iDEN stands for Integrated Digital Enhanced Network, introduced by Motorola in 1994. The Motorola iDEN is a handset that incorporates four technologies into one. The iDEN Motorola cell phones are pocket-sized, but pack a Moto punch with a two-way digital radio and digital wireless, alphanumeric messaging, and data/fax capabilities using Internet technology.

The iDEN is a multi-function phone with a built in speakerphone, voice command, phone book, voice mail, Internet and email, wireless modem, voice activation, and voice recording so the user has a miniature office while on the go.

If you're a Sprint Nextel, SouthernLinc, or BoostMobile customer in North America, you can purchase the iDEN. iDEN competes with other cell phone technologies such as GSM and CDMA (types of networks), so your choice of carrier is limited.



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