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Smile: Motorola Camera Phones

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What kinds of Motorola camera phones are available?

Smile: Motorola Camera Phones

Smile! Some Motorola cell phones are available with built in cameras. While you can't say cheese for all Motorola cell phones, the Razr and upcoming Motorola phone models offer point-and-shoot built-in cameras.

Motorola may have an edge in slim design, but many users prefer camera and music phones such as Sony Ericsson. A search of Motorola phones can be done on online sites to find the specific phone desired and the carriers that offer it. Get the picture about your picture phone before you buy. Reviewers say that the pictures from Motorola camera phones are "not bad".

Some camera phones offer digital zoom of up to 4 times, flash, self-timers, and VGA resolution. Depending on the quality of pictures the user is looking for, some camera phones will have a better resolution than others--you may be better off investing in a digital camera.

If you're not a pro photographer, you can buy camera phones purchased with carrier service or through online sites. Ready for your close-up?



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