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RAZR Hot or Not?

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RAZR Hot or Not?

Hot or not? With cell phones, especially fashion cell phones, it depends on how rare and groundbreaking the cell phone is. For example, Motorola's RAZR line has been the hot fashion cell phone over the past 18 months. With an ultra-thin body, sharp looks and features like video playback and a 1 megapixel camera, it was a real showpiece for phone fans. Not any more, despite the color choices available now (even pink). The line has been so popular that Motorola cranked up production and now you can get a RAZR as part of a standard deal with many cell providers, including the Cingular RAZR v3. It was the top-selling cell phone of 2005.

Bottom line: Once a fashion cell phone becomes affordable and ubiquitous, it's no longer cool.



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