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Choosing Liberty Wireless:Pros and Cons

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Why might choosing Liberty Wireless be in your best interest?

Choosing Liberty Wireless:Pros and Cons

Free phones? Sounds too good to be true! But you can get a free phone with some prepaid cell phone services.

Prepaid Liberty Wireless phones are often free (sometimes they even come with rebates that allow the consumer to make money off of the phone they choose). If a free phone isn't incentive enough, you'll never need to worry about being turned away as they do with other carriers because Liberty does not run credit checks.

The service is prepaid and there are no hidden fees so the customer knows exactly how much they will be spending each month for their service. Most plans include a package of minutes, text messaging, free nationwide roaming and long distance, free voice mail, caller id, and three-way calling. With all of these features the service is just as competitive as carriers that require a 1-2 year contract, so check out the pros and cons at a wireless shopping site.

One downside: Your account might be placed on suspension because you haven't prepaid the next month's service, or you've used up all your anytime minutes. Once you've decide Liberty Wireless is for you, you can place your billing on automatic payment to avoid this problem--or seek another carrier.



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