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Liberty 1000 Anytime Plan

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What is the Liberty 1000 Anytime Plan?

Liberty 1000 Anytime Plan

Is it wise to buy Liberty Wireless for a $5 flat rate compared to Sprint or t-Mobile?

The prepaid Liberty Wireless 1000 Anytime Plan includes:

• 1000 anytime minutes
• free nationwide roaming and long distance
• voice mail
• caller id
• 3-way calling
• access to Sprint PCS coverage areas at no additional charge

The plan does not have any bonus weekend minutes and is limited to the 1000 minutes per month (with additional minutes being billed to the user at 45 cents a piece). The plan is $45 per month.

Depending on your area, however, the Liberty 1000 may not be offered--Sprint, on the other hand, usually has most of its plans available. The good news is that you can talk on the Sprint network no matter what your Liberty Wireless plan you choose.



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