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Comparing T Mobile

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What is the T Mobile Regional Plan?

Comparing T Mobile

How does T Mobile compare to Sprint or Verizon?

Consumer affairs Web sites report mixed reviews, despite that J.D. Power and Associates "Overall Customer Satisfaction" award Catherine Zeta-Jones displays for our awe. Common complaints:

* Lack of customer service
* No signal (one colorful comment: Their coverage map should carry the footnote, "We really have no idea where we have a signal, so we had an artist make this up. Her favorite color is red, so she used it a lot.")
* Difficulty getting out of contract (some users report no problems)
* T Mobile has made exaggerated claims about its "Web wherever you are" service, according to the UK's THE GUARDIAN.

T Mobile's popularity and blogs dedicated to the service indicate that the company is doing something right to capture the market share. Plus, T Mobile is letting its subscribers go contractless with T Mobile To Go.

But customers wanting reliable phone service may want to shop around.



4/21/2007 9:08:34 AM
Ready to leave said:

Stay away from them!!!!!!!! I have been a customer for years, they want to lock you into their contract, but can't or won't help you when you have a problem. They have my cell disconnected right now and I can't even contact them to deal with the issue, I get automated. My wife is deaf and depends on our communication. They billed me outrageous! Do not come close to going over minutes, they will rape you!!!!!


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