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What Can I Do About Bad Cell Phone Reception In My Car?

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How can I fix bad cell phone reception in my car?

What Can I Do About Bad Cell Phone Reception In My Car?

Do you get frequent dropped calls while driving? You might need the help of cell phone accessories such as an amplifier that increases the signals to help prevent cell phone signal loss.

These signal boosting devices are a real lifesaver when driving in large cities with spotty reception due to tall buildings that block signals from the cell phone tower. Some of these cell phone accessories come without all the items you really need to make the cell phone amplifier work both in the car and home. Be sure your kit comes with a cigarette lighter DC power supply, a window-mount antenna bracket, and an alternative power supply for in-home use should you need it.

If these are offered as separate accessories for your cell phone, you may find the convenience is worth the extra expense, especially items that help you mount the signal booster in your car.



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