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Car Cell Phone Holders

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How can I size up a cell phone holder for my car?

Car Cell Phone Holders

If you are about to buy a car cell phone holder, have a good look at your dash and the surrounding area while sitting in the driver's seat. The best place for a cell phone holder in your car is where your hand will naturally find the cell phone without straining, and preferably without having to take your eyes off the road.

A good way to find the most handy spot for your cell phone holder is to close your eyes, and reach out to answer an imaginary cell phone call from the spot you think the cell phone holder might go. Do you have to strain to reach it? Or does your hand find the spot quickly? The next step will be having a look at the amount of free space on the dash in your selected area, and shopping for cell phone accessories that can be mounted in that area.

You may find that some models of cell phone holders or mountable cell phone cases may not have a mount small enough for that section of dashboard. Measure the free space before you buy and compare it to the size of the mount for best results.



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