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Worrying Over Verizon's Worry Free Guarantee

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What is the Verizon Worry Free Guarantee?

Worrying Over Verizon's Worry Free Guarantee

Don't like that hot new Verizon Wireless promotion or broadband service? With the Verizon Wireless Worry Free Guarantee plan customers are allowed to change plans at any time without any additional fees. Part of the guarantee is that Verizon will handle any customer problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Plus, any Verizon cell phone equipment purchased from Verizon comes with a 15 day satisfaction guarantee if the phone is bought directly from Verizon. If you're not happy with the phone, you can return it for a full refund less minutes used. Lastly, the worry free guarantee includes the New Every Two plan to provide you with updated technology when you need it. So says the Web site.

How effective is the Worry Free Guarantee? While T Mobile takes top honors in customer service, Verizon is second, with Nextel at the bottom. Sprint's guarantees got a D- from USA Today.



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