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Verizon Cell Phone: One Bill To Rule Them

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What kinds of phones does Verizon Wireless have to offer?

Verizon Cell Phone: One Bill To Rule Them

Wish you could pay your Verizon Wireless cell phone, Internet and home phone bill all at once? Verizon's OneBill consolidates all your phone charges.

With Verizon Wireless, as with other cell phone providers, you can view and pay your bill online, which is convenient and cuts down on paper that you have to shred. You can sign up online.

You might think one electronic bill won't let you see how much you're paying for cell phone usage. You can actually check your minutes from your cell phone by calling the Verizon Interactive Voice Response System. It's not as convenient as TracFone, but if you're choosing Verizon, it's a decent paperless alternative.



5/7/2007 7:08:29 PM
Disappointed said:

I do not recommend this. There is no cor-ordination of billing corrections between the two. VZW changed their billing system and in the process over charged me by $250 and I'm yet to get this refunded after 2 months because the "OneBill" is via Verizon and not VZW and its a CS nightmare talking to both companies. The customer service was bad.

9/7/2007 10:13:22 AM
Annoyed Verizon User said:

Once you enroll you are stuck in the middle of Vz Wireless, Residential and Communications. Any credits due on wireless can take up to 2 months to appear on the one bill. No one takes responsiblity - I've spent 2 hours on a Friday on with 5 reps and a week later it's not solved. They owe me over $600 for charges that were fraudlent. The credit appears on the wireless site but no where else. They are clueless. I am going to file a complaint with the attorney general's office. The wireless rep told me I should unenroll! Unbelievable.


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