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What Cell Phones are Good for Music and Movies?

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What cell phones are good for multimedia?

What Cell Phones are Good for Music and Movies?

Looking for a cell phone that can play your MP3s and downloaded media files? Good cell phone review sites rate cell phones not just according to their telephone features, but also according to how they live up to the hype connected to music and movie playback.

Many cell phones claim to be great for multimedia, but not so many have the storage to live up to those claims. How to choose a cell phone that gives you what you need? Check out cell phone review sites at places like for cell phone ratings on media storage capacity, accessories you'll need such as a one-gigabyte flash card for camera phone picture storage and MP3s.

You should also invest in a USB cable or a card reader for quick and easy transfer from LG cell phones (or your preferred brand) to more permanent storage on your computer's hard drive.



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