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Are Waterproof Cell Phones Really Waterproof?

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Are waterproof cell phones really waterproof?

Are Waterproof Cell Phones Really Waterproof?

Many cell phone makers offer waterproof phones. In 2005, LG Telecom made headlines with the canU 502S waterproof cell phone. This LG cell phone is a good example of how a waterproof cell phone should be built. It has rubber seals in the vulnerable parts of the cell phone's construction, including the speaker and camera sections.

The waterproof LG cell phone isn't completely watertight, though. This particular model's specs claim it can survive a half an hour under water, but the manufacturers won't promise anything beyond that 30 minutes. A truly waterproof cell phone may exist somewhere, but always read the owner's manual carefully. You may discover that while your waterproof phone is impervious to most of the splashing or dunking hazards you encounter, there is probably a limit to what (or how long) the phone can endure.



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