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Choosing A Phone Online

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Can I get a cell phone from an online store delivered next-day?

Choosing A Phone Online

Cell phones are instant gratification purchases. You buy the cell phone, sign up for the wireless plan of your choice, and walk out of the store able to use most or all features of your new phone right away. But what happens when you buy a cell phone online?

For most customers using major cell phone service web sites, there are options for next-day delivery depending on the vendor. The caveat here is that unless you sign up for a plan or enter your current subscriber information, the phone will not be "call ready". If you are an existing subscriber, log in to your account before purchasing to pick your options for activating service on the new cell phone.

If you are a new customer, be sure to choose a calling plan and sign up for service at the same time you purchase the new cell phone. You may be eligible for discounts, reduced rate cell phone plans, or other perks because of your new account status. If you aren't comfortable buying a product without being able to hold it in your hand, it's best to browse an online cell phone catalog, then use a Verizon store locator or other supplier and buy the phone in person.



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