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Communication Features

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What kinds of communication features does US Cellular offer?

Communication Features

US Cellular phone service can be upgraded to include any of the following communication features: email, instant messaging, international services, mobile messaging, mobile to mobile, picture messaging, ringtones, ShareTalk, and Voice Services.

US Cellular cell phone users can receive their own email address for $1.95 per month. Emails can be sent, received, and replied to via text messaging from a US Cellular phone. International services are charged on a per call basis dependent upon the country being dialed. Mobile messaging service is available on a pay per use of 10 cents each or in a plan beginning at $2.95 for 50 outgoing messages and unlimited incoming messages. Mobile to mobile minutes are available at $9.95 for 1000 minutes or $14.95 for 3000 shared minutes. Any additional mobile to mobile minutes are billed at 10 cents per minute. Picture messaging for sending, receiving, and uploading pictures to an online album are available in pay as you go style for 25 cents each or in a plan beginning at just $2.95 for 20 picture messages per month. Ringtones can be downloaded at various prices per ringtone chosen. ShareTalk is available for $15 per line on a local plan and $20 per line on a regional plan. Voice Services include voice activated dialing with all contact information stored online in the event the phone is lost, stolen, or replaced to allow for easy transfer. This feature is just $4.95 per month. All of these features are optional and allow users to customize their US Cellular experience.



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