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Net 10: Another No Contract Cell Phone Option

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Why is Net 10 one of the best no contract cell phone carriers?

Net 10: Another No Contract Cell Phone Option

Net 10 is another no contract wireless phone provider.

Net 10 has a low flat per-minute fee of 10 cents (available across the United States), like the Liberty Wireless flat rate plan. All the consumer needs to do is purchase a Net 10 cell phone online or by phone and activate it. Airtime can be purchased as needed either online or by phone as well. The phone can be used anywhere at any time for a low 10 cent per minute rate. Text messaging is also available at 5 cents per message. This is less than any other no contract cell phone carrier. With a 10 cent rate per minute the math is easy. And, to sweeten the pot, you can get rollover minutes with active service. Plus, Net 10 offers Nokia and Motorola phones which are well known for their reliability and ease of use. Plus, you can get voice mail at a per minute rate.

All these choices--how do you select a no contract cell phone provider when the major wireless providers are switching to no ocntract? If you want to just pay for the minutes you use, the smaller no contract wireless phone providers offer you that option. Net 10 points out that the other carries have conditions attached, such as access fees. Read your service plan carefully. Boost Mobile has a per-minute charge. The choices seem clearer now!



7/15/2006 1:03:16 PM
Doug said:

Net 10 is a great service. You don't have to grovel to get cell service like you do with the major players in the cell service field. For approx. $90 you get a Motorola phone and 300 minutes of service, and a car charger, and a home charger, and on and on.
The service is great in MA and also in NH where with the higher priced carriers I always lost reception.
Once you do the math you realize how you're getting screwed by the OTHER GUYS.

10/1/2007 5:46:06 PM
Ron said:

Service has been great on our existing phone. Bought another today for a familiy friend, package claimed 300 minutes included upon activation. Activated... got 10. Called customer service, got passed on to Rawle Employee #51108 Customer Service Supervisor, said they changed the policy, gotta by 3 cards and get 100 per card additional. Didn't care what the package advertised. Gonna take it back to Office Depot!


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