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As Heard On Laura Ingraham: TracFone

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What does TracFone offer in no contract cell phones?

As Heard On Laura Ingraham: TracFone

You may have been listening to talk radio and heard about TracFone, available from Wal-Mart.

TracFone is a no contract cell phone carrier. TracFone does not require a credit check to purchase a cell phone and with a TracFone you pay no monthly bills! Instead, you prepay for airtime in advance, so you only pay for the phone time that you actually use, and minutes purchased never expire! There are no hidden fees as airtime rates include all applicable taxes, and your airtime balance can be tracked on the phone's display.

A TracFone can be purchased through the TracFone website or your local Wal-Mart. It comes with a cell phone, battery, charger, 60 days of active service, and 20 minutes of starter airtime. Minutes must be added from a prepaid wireless card only every 60 or 365 days to keep the phone active, depending on prepaid wireless card denomination. It's a great deal for a no contract cell phone!

You may be thinkking, "Okay, another tal kradio soft sell, why is this different?" TracxFone allows you to track how many minutes you've used right on your cell phone. When's the last time you did that on your Treo?

Tip: Wal-Mart and other discount retailers offer you discounts on TracFone, so you save even more. Tune that in the next time the talking heads rant about the consumer getting ripped off by big business.



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