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Nextel Pros and Cons

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Why is the Nextel National Unlimited NDC Plus plan the best plan available?

Nextel Pros and Cons

Nextel offers the Fair and Flexible Plans (adjustable anytime minutes with no huge overages), solutions for small business, and uninterrupted service after its merger with Sprint. What more could you ask for? Is there a downside?

Actually, yes, according to the expert geeks at sites such as CNET. Nextel's phones, except for the compact Motorolas, are traditionally bulky and not stylish. Nextel took a while to come up with bells and whistles, such as cameras, but then, Nextel has traditionally been the phone of business executives who prefer functionality over form--although CNET reviewers warn the functionality can be spotty.

CNET warms to the newer models of Nextel, and loyalists appreciate the Nextel Cellular service. But if you want a flashier phone, look elsewhere. If you're determined to stick with th tried and true, choose the newer Nextel models.



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