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Cingular S.O.S. and Roadside Assistance

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What is Roadside Assistance?

Cingular S.O.S. and Roadside Assistance

Before, when you yelled "Help" into your cell phone it was because you lost the signal. Now when you call out for help with Cingular Wireless or another wireless provider, you can get Roadside Assistance with Cingular plans. Cingular Wireless offers users Roadside Assistance for a low monthly fee, say $2.99. The service includes four free service calls per year with a maximum benefit of $50.00 per service request. Assistance includes:

• towing
• battery service/jump start
• flat tire assistance
• fuel delivery (of up to three gallons of gas or diesel)
• lockout assistance
• key replacement

The service goes into effect 72 hours after it has been activated and can be cancelled at any time. These is even a toll free number to call when the services are needed. It's the cellular phone plan equivalent of OnStar, and you can get help as quickly as possible sent to your location.

Note that Cingular has competition from the other major cell phone carriers, which also offer roadside assistance or emergency calls.



1/16/2008 9:14:53 PM
Linda adams said:

I have the plan but don't have the 800 number to use it ,Why doesen't At@t send it to our wireless phone


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