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Cingular PC Cards and the Mobile Workplace

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How are wireless Internet connections made simple with Cingular Wireless?

Cingular PC Cards and the Mobile Workplace

Now every place can be a workplace. You've heard the ads from Sprint PCS. Frightening? Not necessarily--you don't have to carry the office around on your phone with Cingular wireless plans, for example. You can just have a cell phone for emergencies, but still be productive with a PC card from Cingular.

With a PC card from Cingular wireless or another provider, a laptop can connect to the Internet wirelessly. All you need to do is plug the PC card into your laptop and presto: instant access to email, company intranet, and the Internet in the coffee shop, in the airport, even at your kids' soccer game--maybe not. You have to plug into life, too.

PC cards from Cingular Wireless may actually help you live your life. The Cingular PC card service has different plans available that begin at around $19.99 a month for 5 MB of data connection to an unlimited amount of data connection for around $79.99 per month, $99.99 with Wi-Fi.

The PC card connection coverage area includes most of the United States, parts of Canada, and some international areas (for an additional connection fee). When Tahiti's a workplace, you'll want a wireless PC card.



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