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Cingular's Not Blacked Out on BlackBerry Phones

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What data services does a Cingular BlackBerry phone have to offer?

Cingular's Not Blacked Out on BlackBerry Phones

Addicted to your BlackBerry and want to find a cellphone company that uses the same technology? Cingular wireless phones now include the BlackBerry phone!

BlackBerry Cingular phones can be set-up on one of two data access plans that include limited or unlimited data services for $34.99 or $44.99 per month. For BlackBerry warriors keeping the office conntected, the plan includes up to 10 ISP accounts. You already know you can send, receive, reply, and forward messages with this service.

While Cingular claims to be the leading BlackBerry provider, Verizon and T-Mobile have caught up, and Verizon's coverage is said to be outstanding even in mountainous areas where BlackBerry service is spotty.

When you remember your BlackBerry is also a phone, you can enjoy Cingular Wireless service also includes call waiting and three-way calling. Whew! No 12-step program needed with your Cingular Wireless service.



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