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Get Local: Cingular Region Plans

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What does the Cingular Region individual plan to offer?

Get Local: Cingular Region Plans

Planning to stick around your hometown with the kids? Do you travel Nevada or Florida for sales meetings?

Cingular offers local area Cingular plans within the Cingular Region individual plans. These Cingular plans vary in prices starting at $39.99 and include 600 or more minutes. They include calls made within a specified coverage area and offer unlimited long distance calling. Maps are available to consumers who choose this local coverage plan to help them choose a particular area of coverage.

Roaming charges apply outside of the plan area at a fixed price, depending on your plan. Most of the plans offer unlimited nights & weekends (additional minutes cost anywhere from 35 to 45 cents per minute depending on the plan).

Some consumers report that they've had problems with Cingular in, say, Milwaukee, and can't get coverage outside the major metropolitan areas. It's worth the time to read consumer reviews before you buy a cell phone plan.



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