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Comparing Carriers and Plans

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What is the best way to compare carriers and plans?

Comparing Carriers and Plans

How do you tell the difference between a cell phone deal and a cell phone don't?

There are many ways to compare cell phone carriers and plans. You can call the carriers directly, go to the Sprint website, walk into a store, or better yet, go online to a cell phone comparison shopping site. Read reviews on,, or can also find great information in consumer blogs.

Before you go shopping, make a list of your must-haves in:

* Price
* Tech features (Bluetooth, etc)
* Cell phone plan
* Data services
* Style
* Function

If you know you're looking for a cell phone under $200 with a sleek style, push-to-talk capability and instant messaging with 500 anytime minutes, comparison shopping for a cell phone becomes easier.



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