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Recharge: Batteries and Cell Pack Boosters

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Why do cell phones require battery replacement or battery boosters?

Recharge: Batteries and Cell Pack Boosters

Calls dropping? It might not be because you're away from the coverage area. Cell phone batteries lose power rapidly if the phone is used often. The battery becomes drained and needs to be recharged (so do you after a day of talk). Although batteries for cell phones are expensive, it is wise to keep an extra on hand.

Each battery has a certain amount of talk and standby time before it dies. If you need additional time in-between charges, youcan possibly upgrade your battery or purchase a cell pack booster that plugs into the bottom of the cell phone to provide additional talk and standby time. Cell pack boosters average a few dollars each and can be bought at many convenience stores for on-the-go use.

You typically buy the battery of a particular cell phone through the carrier (which is the most expensive route), online for a competitive rate, or at a Radio Shack or Circuit City near you. You can also extend the battery life by completely discharging and recharging your battery with a cell phone charger. Make sure to turn off your cell phone when you're not expecting calls, when you sleep, and of course, in the movies. Eventually, though, you'll need a new battery so you don't drop that call to your sweetheart.



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