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Can't Send a Picture Message?

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I can't send a phone picture message. Help!

Can't Send a Picture Message?

If you are having trouble with the picture messaging features on your cell phone, first turn your phone completely off and back on again. If you can't send a picture message after doing this, check your signal strength. If you are having poor reception you may have to wait to send a picture message until you get into a better reception area.

It's a good idea to double check the picture messaging settings on your phone to make sure they haven't been accidentally changed, then try to send a picture message to yourself. If you still can't use picture messaging, call your customer support number and tell them about the problem, and be sure to mention the make and model of your phone, and when you were last able to send a picture message.

If you have never sent a picture message, chances are you have overlooked a setting in your phone's menu. The customer service rep can tell you how to send phone picture messages by talking you through the phone's settings.



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