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How To Send Better Video Messaging

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How can I send better looking video messages?

How To Send Better Video Messaging

Ever notice that your cell phone video messaging is too shaky or blurry? If you want better results when capturing video for video messaging, the best way to start is to shoot video with your phone closer to your body. Holding your arm fully extended makes it hard to steady the phone to capture video. At the very least, make sure your arm is bent enough to feel comfortable.

If your cell phone has a zoom function, try to avoid using it. When zoomed in, your images get shaky. The closer you zoom, the shakier the image becomes, and unless you mount your phone on a tripod somehow, you can't avoid the shake. There's a saying video pros use: "Zoom with your feet". Try getting closer to your subject instead of using a digital zoom feature.

Last but not least, try supporting your camera hand with your free hand to make the image even more stable. These tricks definitely help people take better video messaging shots, you'll be pleased at how much better your video messaging looks.



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